In recent times the terms Hominid & hominoid have become synonymous with one another.  I
prefer to separate them and use hominid to classify (Humans only).  Hominoids, on the other
hand, I would designate as upright walking primates, which are "human like", only in the
respect that they walk upright.  That is the only real parallel we have with them.  Everything
else about them, from an anatomical stand point, is a light year separation in morphology.  
Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to the images below, of what has been
considered for years, our extinct ancestors.  If you analyze the features of these skulls, you
may begin to realize that almost all of the reports, that are not hoaxes, resemble the
features that we see of these fossilized hominoid skulls.  Gee, maybe some of these are not
really extinct!  I propose that what is being sighted on the edges of forests & jungles is
indeed one of these characters.  Since forests & jungles don't produce fossils, it would
explain why it is so difficult for people to accept that they exist.  Yes, I know, we need hard
evidence for there existence to be "proved" - There is a mother load of us working on it!!!!!!!!
The images on this page are Copyright Bone Clones 2004.  Click on any image for their catalog of Hominoid
Fossil Replicas.  Gigantopithicus Blacki & Meganthropus would be a nice addition to any researchers collection.
Aegyptopithecus zeuxis: 33 mya
Probably the best known of the
propliopithecids (believed to be an
ancestor of Old World monkeys and
hominoids). First discovered in the
Egyptian Faiyum Depression (1906).
Proconsul: 23-14 mya
ne of the best represented
Miocene hominoids in the fossil
Sivapithecus: 8 mya
From the late Miocene Era
Australopithecus afarensis:
3.5 - 4 mya
Australopithecus Africanus: 3 mya
Kenyanthropus platyops: 3.5 mya
Australopithecus Robustus:
1.5 - 2 mya
Zinjanthropus: 1 - 2 mya
Formerly Australopithecus Bosei
Homo Habilis: 2.5 - 2 mya
Homo Erectus: 500,000 - 1.5 mya
Peking Man - (Sinathropus)
Pithecanthropus pekinenses
Homo Rudolphensis: 2.5 - 2 mya
Homo Ergaster: 1.9 mya
Homo Heidelbergensis: 600,000
years old
Homo Neanderthalensis: 200,00 -
300,000 years ago
Cro-Magnon: 10,000 - 45,00
years ago
Gigantopithicus Blacki:
Meganthropus: 1.2 mya
Dr. Krantz -  a noted scholar of physical and cultural anthropology and an active Professor of Anthropology at Washington
State University until shortly before his death, was the first, and for years the only, serious academic to conduct research into
the question of whether the North American "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot" is an animal that exists in fact, in addition to legend.  
Gigantopithics Blacki & Meganthropus were the two fossil hominoids that were his creation.  Many Sasquatch/Bigfoot reports
look very similiar to the features these to recontructions reveal.