The Wrong Road
A Sighting as told by Jason Valenti
In the spring of 1996, a former business partner, Denis, and I were coming back from a meeting in
Pensacola, Florida on a week night, heading for home in Largo, FL.  We left Pensacola around midnight and
arrived in Tallahassee at approximately 4:00 am.  I stopped to ask a policeman at a convenience mart for
directions to a road that would take us from Interstate 10 to US 19 (so that we could avoid the rush hour
traffic that we would have encountered later in the morning if we had continued via the interstate).  

Approximately 15 minutes into the ride out of Tallahassee, going south bound on a road that bordered the
east side of Appalachicola National Forest, is where this experience took place.  I was traveling on the
wrong road (but the right one to have this experience).

I had just reached down to turn off the radio, because the stations were out of range for good reception,
when I saw something on the right side of the road.   We were traveling at about 55 mph, and I first saw it
when I was about 200 yards from it.  I immediately took my foot off of the accelerator and "covered" the
brake in case it was an animal that might move onto the road.

My first impression was that it was a small deer or a dog, like an Irish Setter or Cocker Spaniel, because of
the light color of the hair that covered its body.  I then clicked my high beams on and this thing lifted its
head from a downward position to look our way.  It was squatting behind the top of a pine tree that had
fallen in the sand pine forest.  The tree was perpendicular to the road and right up next to it.   The creature
appeared to have been picking through something like a bird's nest or foraging for berries.  In the next
moment, when I had neared to about 100 yards, she stood up and put her hands in front of her face to
block my headlights, and that got my attention immediately because her hands looked so human.

I remember seeing a dark purple coloring on the pads of her fingers and thumbs and also on her nose.  
What I could see of her face was just for a moment, and it seemed that she had a terrified or surprised
expression.  I could see clearly that her mouth was wide open (in what appeared to be shock and
surprise), and I could see her saliva glistening in the headlights.  Her coat of hair was blonde in color, at
least in the light of my headlights.  It definitely was not like fur.  It was patchy, and I could see her white
skin in places where the hair was sparse.  Her head seemed unusually small for the size of her body and
was set low, in between her very broad shoulders, almost as if she didn't have a neck.  Her face was like a
cross between a chimp and a pit bull, with a sloping forehead and a mouth that stuck off of her face with no
chin.  I could clearly see skin around the eyes, forehead and cheekbones.  I couldn't see any color to her
eyes, but they reflected a reddish-orange light (like a cat's eyes do when headlights are shown in them),
and they were very large in diameter.  She had a classic hour glass figure -- very small waist in relation to
her chest and hips -- and it really was amazing how big her hips were, about as wide as her shoulders.  
She didn't have very much body fat;  in fact, she seemed very defined in her muscles.  I remember seeing
striations of muscle in her forearms, upper arms and shoulders.  Her arms weren't really big, just very

As she started walking backward (away from us), I noticed that her gait seemed to have a waddle to it, as
if she were squatting a bit and knock kneed, kind of like how Grouch Marx would do that goofy walk, but
just backward.  I'm 6'4", and I know she was at least 7' tall, maybe closer to 8'.

As we were passing her, she was so close to the side of the road  that if Denis had rolled his window
down, he could have reached out and grabbed her arm!  That's how close we were to a Sasquatch!  I was
braking hard and came to a complete stop, about 20-30 feet past her.  As I was braking, Denis got a view
that I didn't get  since I was driving, and the topper on the back of my truck was blocking any view I could
get through the rear window.  He told me that a few seconds after we had passed her, as he was looking
back through the passenger window, he witnessed the following:  from a standing position, she did what
looked similar to a standing broad jump, except that as she was leaving the ground, she was pivoting on
her left foot and turning 90 degrees to her left as she was leaving the ground.  The top of the arc of that
jump was at least 6-8 feet.  She landed 20-30 feet away, and was already running in a full-blown sprint
through the sand pine forest without any need to stop and absorb the shock or weight of her landing.

The reason Denis had such a good view of this was because my rear brake lights were illuminating the
forest behind us (where she was by this point).  Also, sand pine forests in Florida don't have much
undergrowth over 2 feet high and the branches on the trees don't  start until around 20 to 30 feet up the
trunk.  So he said he had a very clear view of this creature.  He also told me that he had never seen
anything run that fast!

I tried to get out of the truck and go get a closer look at her, but Denis put his arm across my chest to block
my exit, and said calmly, but firmly, "No dude!  Just drive!  Just drive!"  He was terrified and insisted that we
leave immediately, and we were both in such shock over what we'd just seen, that we didn't speak of
anything for the remainder of our 4-hour trip home.