Kinematics:  The branch of mechanics that studies the motion of a
body or a system of bodies without consideration given to its mass or
the forces acting on it.
The illustrations below are a comparison of how, Humans on the left, and the Sasquatch
(Hominoids) on the right, have very different motoring mechanics relative to their gait.  On the left,
you can clearly see that we walk with a slightly bent leg in our stride, which doesn't really exceed  45
degrees during a normal walking gait.  On the right, you can actually see that the creature is leaning
forward with its torso, and bringing its lower leg up to a 90 degree position relative to its upper leg,
which produces a very high back step.  You can also see that its foot is perpendicular to the plane of
the ground at the maximum height of the back step,  which is something you will never see a Human
do.  It is almost as if the creature is catching itself before it "falls" into its next step!  
Lucy's knee (middle), which is Australopithecine, with a modern
human (left) and a chimpanzee (right).  The morphology of her
knee joint is unlike anything that Biology has on record.  This
would be a strong indicator in what is authoring the kinematic
differences in Hominoids relative  to Humans.