Distance Learning: How to Help Your Child Stay Focused and Engaged

Ever since the breakout of the coronavirus, when almost all countries closed their borders and businesses, including learning institutions, had to shut down, distance learning became the main option for parents and their children. But although this setup comes with several advantages, it also has its downsides. One of which is keeping the students focused and engaged.

Let’s admit it, parents; a lot of us notice that our kids are also having a hard time, especially the young ones. The truth is, even savvy adult learners may lose their focus due to several reasons.

Below are things that you can do to help your child stay focused and engaged when attending their online class:

Provide Your Child With a Learning Space

writingRight now, many students are learning full-time from home. And if your kid is one of them, it is essential that you provide him or her with a learning space, a special place where he can sit and attend his online classes as well as do his homework.

Pick a quiet spot in your house and remove all possible distractions. Keep it clean and organized as well. Having a clutter-free study area will surely help your child focus.

Understand Screen Time

For young children, it would be very hard to explain what ‘screen time’ is. But as a parent, you need to help them understand that they can’t be on their gadgets all the time. At first, students tend to show enthusiasm towards distance learning, but this fades away. So to avoid this, you need to limit the screen time of your kids. You can give them a written exercise or perhaps have them read their books and answer the exercises.

playing on a phone

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Most schools give their students a schedule as to when they should be attending their virtual classes. So as a parent, you have to see to it that your child is following the schedule. Even though he is studying from home, you should still have him take a shower in the morning and dress up like he is really going to school. He can also have a break from time to time.

Allow Time for Exercise

Regardless of the age of your child, you should allow time for exercise as this will surely help him be more active in his virtual class. Even simple exercises will do the trick.


Eliminate Distractions

When it’s time for your child to go online, make sure that there are no distractions. Turn the TV off and avoid playing loud music. This way, your kid can focus.

an accountant at work

Four Hacks That Every Accounting Student Must Know

Whatever your reason was when you chose to study accounting, it was probably the best decision you make in your life. Although you will surely deal with a heavy load of homework and puzzling algebras, your struggle will pay you back in the end. First reason, all industrial sectors need accountants. Second, if you want to run your own business, you’ve already got the core skill. Third, your job is one of the most recession-resistant professions. 

But if you come across this article now, you’re probably having a hard time studying accounting. Don’t worry! Here are four hacks that can help you become an accountant:

Get Help for Your Homework

accounting homeworkSuccessful businesses these days are not those who attempt to run all things by themselves. In fact, there is this thing called outsourcing. It enables even small startups to have infrastructures like customer service, computing servers, digital marketing department without having to hire more employees or expand their office. Why don’t you think like them? 

You can get ‘help’ with your homework if they feel overwhelming. And you just need a little bit of browsing through the Internet to buy accounting homework. But don’t take this as a habit, though. Also, learn from the works you purchase and make sure you can solve all the problems there by yourself. 

Keep Updated with the Latest Accounting Programs

accounting job illustratedAccounting requires some degree of math skills, indeed. You have to understand all the fundamental theories behind every calculation you want to make. But in this era of digital computing, learning how to use software to do the accounting tasks is also very important. Quickbooks, Netsuite, Peachtree, Quicken, Sage, Xero, MYOB, Wave, Freshbooks, and Intacct are some examples of popular software for accountants. 

Make Use of Online Courses

If you don’t understand what you get from the class, you can always look for it on the Internet. The only problem with free sources is that the content is rarely presented systematically. Check platforms like edX, Coursera, and Udemy to find supplementary materials. If you have time and budget, you can even aim at courses that offer certification. Not only will they help you to relearn things that you don’t understand, but their certificates will also help you get a job later on. 

Join Group Studies

This does not mean that you must spend your time gathering with fellow accounting students in a cafe and have meaningless chats for hours. Instead, you should try to find social media groups that are focused on accounting. You are looking to be more resourceful here, and by knowing how other people overcome their problems in studying accounting, you will certainly get inspired and can generate new ideas. 

microsoft word

Key Uses of Microsoft Excel

Many people are unable to differentiate between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. If you want to start a business, you are likely to use these two tools because they play a significant role in your industry. Apart from that, they are also the most widely used software programs all over the world, more, especially in terms of business software. Let’s give you a tip on the difference between these two.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is mostly used for recording data, making charts, and for calculations for all sorts of business procedures. On the other hand, Microsoft Word is a word processing program that many computer users use for paper presentations, reports, memos, and letters. Therefore, ensure that you know the difference before you decide on the kind of Microsoft program you need to use for your projects.

If you have a passion for business, then you need to ensure that you have all the resources that are required for you to start your business. Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool that you should ensure that you know how to use it before starting a business. Here is a guide on Excel IF for those individuals who want to learn more about Microsoft Excel. Also, if you do not know the uses of Microsoft Excel, this post got you covered.

Spreadsheets and Data Recovery

If you want to get your best out of your business, one of the things you will always need to do is keep good records of your data. Also, you can store your data and use it in the new future. When you save the critical secrets to your business, it will help you to chase your dream, and this will later help you to use the best business strategies that can enable you to meet your business needs. In case your data gets lost, you can quickly recover it.

Manage Expenses

We informed you earlier that with Microsoft Excel, you will get many benefits that can help you to attain your desired goals in your projects. In this case, we are referring you to a business. When you are running a business, you need to ensure that you increase your sales and decrease your expenses. It is one of the slogans that can enable you to receive the results you need for your success. With Excel, you can identify where you do spend a lot and control your expenses accordingly.

Excel Tools are the Best

In business, one of the things every member in each department is asked to represent is precise and professional work. You can prove this to your managers by using Microsoft Excel because it has the best tools for searching, filtering, and sorting that will make your work readable and easier.

Analyzing and Storing Data

Analyzing and storing data is one of the primary uses of Microsoft Excel. With this tool, you can analyze any amount of data to discover the trends. You can also summarize your information and store them in an organized manner. Use the available tools to implement your operations on the data that you want to analyze.


Tips on Learning Languages

Learning languages is interesting. It helps you to explore other cultures, and it is also an excellent way to be adventurous. When it comes to learning new languages, make sure that you have fun with it. It takes some time to learn a new language, but it is worth it.

With time you will start having fun with it. When it comes to learning new languages, make sure that you choose a good school that will allow you to learn the language. Here are some tips on learning the language:

Find an Online School

When it comes to learning language, you can choose an online school. It is the best way to go about it in the case of attending a regular school. With a regular school, you will be required to commute, and this might be difficult.

An online school allows you to learn at your own pace. You can take the time you want before you move to the next stage. You also do not feel intimidated by anyone when learning languages from an online school.


Have Fun

Learning is not that serious. Children can learn new things quickly because they do not take it seriously. Learn not to take learning seriously and have fun with it. In case you are finding it difficult to grasp things, find another learning strategy.

It is all about trying out different things and with time you will learn. Many people quit before they start or even learn anything because they take things so seriously. Take it one day and time, and you will realize that learning is so easy.

Practicing is Important

The only way to learn a new language is to make sure that you talk. This is the best way to practice how to talk. You can practice speaking by visiting a place where people talk the language.

You can also practice communicating alone to get a good grasp of the word. Joining groups where people communicate the language is also essential. The only way to master a language is through practice.



Listening is an essential part of learning. When learning languages, it is necessary to listen. Listening will allow you to learn pronunciation and this is an integral part of learning languages.

When learning languages take time and listen to the teacher, and you will benefit a lot of the teacher. Listening is still as good as learning how to speak.

Top Benefits of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring can help your child a lot. It is unfortunate that most parents do not know the true benefits of this service. It is a great decision to hire a private tutor. If your child is getting bad grades or falling behind or not coping with the language lessons load, then you need a private english teacher. The truth is that any child can benefit from additional help. The following are some of the various benefits of hiring a private tutor.

Work at a Specific Pace

class discussionThe good thing about hiring a tutor is that he or she will work at the pace that is right for you. Usually, the lesson plans that take place in the class are fast moving and time sensitive. The good thing about hiring a private tutor is that he or she can teach the lesson a bit slower and the student is free to ask many questions as much as possible.

Personal Attention

Most classes consist of about 30 students. This makes it difficult for teachers to offer individualized attention at all times. This may result in the students feeling neglected when they require extra help. A great tutor is like having a qualified teacher who does not worry about other students in the class. He or she is available to answer questions at any particular time and go through different topics many times. Also, private tutors can get to know the child’s learning style and even modify the teaching methods used.

Teach More

smiling tutorUsually, in a classroom, a student will learn only what is taught or included in the lesson plan. The good thing about private tutoring is that you will not have lesson plans and the tutor can teach anything he or she believes can help the child understand the content. For instance, this can include time management, study skills, prioritizing, and organization. The private tutors can help the kids to overcome various learning obstacles such as language barriers, comprehension, and formulas.

Flexible and Convenient

You will find private tutoring being convenient and flexible. This makes it ideal for parents with a busy schedule. You can decide the number of tutoring sessions required to help your child understand and improve on the subject. For example, when the child is preparing for mid-term, you can add extra tutoring lessons to help the child pass his or her exams.

recruiters checking resumes

Resume Red Flags that you Should Avoid

Prospective employers may spend as low as five seconds looking at your resume to assess your abilities and match them to their job opening. In those seconds they do not read every word on your resume. Instead, they look at the overall format and how easy it is to read. Does your resume contain the relevant information to their field? Do the first bullets of your resume match their job opening. If these things do not meet their criteria, they will move your resume into the bad pile. Resumes in this pile are those that will not be read completely and not looked at again. Below are resume red flags that you should avoid.

Inappropriate Format

resume format


Never write your resume in complete sentences. There is a format to write a resume which is different from other genres of writing. Your resume must be written in a manner that anybody who picks up and looks at it will know it is a resume. Utilize effective formats and common language in your field to indicate your knowledge in a manner that is recognizable immediately as a resume.

Resume Written in Third Person

Resumes should not be written in the third person. You need to use the first person and select the present or past tense to showcase vital and relevant information to the employer goals. Resumes written in the third person do not have the dynamic impact of a one written in the first person.

Lack of Eye Appeal

If your resume is not appealing to the eye, you will immediately turn off the prospective reader. Nobody wants to read a resume which is formatted with tiny fonts with no white spaces. White space allows the eyes to rest between reading and absorbing the content. It also acts a clue to important information the employer needs to read with care.

Also, resumes with too much white space will make it look as though you have no relevant skills or experience to offer the employer. Keep your resume clean and readable while filling the space.

Inappropriate Length

resumeRecruiters and employers are busy people and expect to read a given amount of content depending on the kind of job for which they are hiring. For instance, they do not want to read a five-page resume from a new graduate with no experience. The appropriate length for resumes is based on the depth of experience, current job goals, and knowledge. A new college graduate cannot have the same resume as an experienced executive.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

Such kinds of mistakes can get even the most qualified candidate’s resume thrown into the bad piles’ resumes and taken out of consideration completely. Remember, the resume is an excellent way of showing the recruiter or employer how hard you are willing to work. If you did not edit the resume thoroughly, the people reading it might think you will not put forward enough effort in the actual job position.

A good resume will help you land the job of your dreams. Avoiding this red flag is the best way of ensuring you have a great resume.

nurse attending to patient

Steps for Getting a Travel Nursing Job

Travel nursing spurs excitement for most people working in the nursing profession. The question is how can you start a travel nursing career. Whether you are a registered nurse or starting nursing school, the path to landing a thrilling travel nurse job may be confusing. The following are necessary steps for starting a travel nursing career.

Choose Medical Staffing Firms

Choosing medical staffing firms is the first step to start your career with travel nursing. There are many medical staffing agencies from which you can choose. It is vital to do appropriate research when looking forward to a great travel nursing job. Find a staffing firm with a track record as they offer the best connections.medical job recruiter

Apply for Travel Jobs

Most medical staffing recruiters make it easy to apply for such jobs online. You should keep in mind that simply completing an application for a travel nursing job does not require you to work with the agency. Experienced and recommended agencies make their applications available for free.

Talk to Staffing Recruiters

When you apply for a travel nurse job, you will be assigned to a single member on the staffing recruiter’s team. You will be working with this person to get the right travel jobs for you. Good nursing staffing agencies will partner you with recruiters who are interested in matching you with the jobs which will help you advance your career.

Choose your Travel Nursing Job Assignment

You need to think about where you want to go for your travel assignments. Consider also the type of facility where you want to work. Decide whether you prefer to take a travel job in large hospitals or small ones. You will discuss the advantages of every assignment with your travel recruiter and talk about the requirements of each travel nursing job position.

Conduct Phone Interview with the Facility

lady on phone

When you have narrowed down your travel nurse job opportunities, you need to conduct a phone interview with somebody at the facility. The person who conducts the interviews for travel nursing jobs will usually be a nursing manager. Your recruiter needs to give you tips to help you land the job you want.

Accept your Assignment

After a successful travel job interview, you are likely to be offered an assignment. If there are any licensing or credentialing requirements for the travel nursing job offered, the staffing recruiter needs to help you iron out all the details. Also, you should expect to be contacted by housing managers who will arrange your living space.

Travel nursing jobs are great for you to build your career. These steps will help you land the best travel nursing job for you.